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TolucaToluca is the capital of the State and has an impressive arts and crafts market that has many typical products such as green and red chorizo, dulce de leche and other Mexican crafts. Nestled 8,790 feet (2,679 meters) above sea level, Toluca has earned the name “The Altitude Capital” of Mexico.

Well connected to the heartland, it is a provincial town updated by industrial progress. Businesses such as Nestle, Dupont and General Motors maintain offices here providing many job and internship opportunities.

Toluca Attractions

The Plaza Cívica

The Plaza Cívica, also called the Plaza de los Mártires, in honor of the insurgents killed during Independence, certainly warrants a visit. The square is flanked by the Palacio de Gobierno, city hall and court house. On the south side stands the Catedral de la Asunción, planned in 1870, whose imposing design links it to the old Roman basilicas, with a dome crowned by a statue of St. Joseph, the city's patron saint. Attached to the cathedral is the Church of the Third order, built in the popular baroque style and containing major works of art.


This cathedral was built on top of the ruins of an old 17 th -century Franciscan convent. It features three naves adorned with barqoue -style altarpieces and has various neoclassical details.


Cosmovitral The Cosmovitral is a spectacular space built in Toluca in the beginning of the year 1900 to serve as venue of a renowned market. It was remodeled in the seventies, turning into an art nouveau building, surrounded by 65 stained glasses which are made up by over 1500 pieces of glass brought from Europe; this is work of the artist Leopoldo Flores Valdes, native from Toluca.

This is considered one of the greatest artistic works in the country and one of the largest in the world, it shelters a stunning botanic garden where you will be able to admire over a thousand species of plants at a very tranquil atmosphere and surrounded by three thousand squares of glass of 28 different shades and colors.

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